Founded in 1976

In Pekan and Kuantan, there are now 7 museum locations

About Muzium Pahang

Muzium Pahang is a state institution headed by Museum Director and Chief Curator, Dato’ Ahmad Farid bin Abdul Jalal. Since its founding in 1976, the museum now comprises 7 museum locations in both Pekan and Kuantan.

The objectives of the museum

  • To establish a people-friendly resource centre to promote the heritage and culture of Pahang.
  • To engage the local community, providing enrichment through learning and understanding, as well as the enjoyment of its beautiful gallery spaces, artefacts, art, and lush gardens.
  • To uplift the local economy by drawing visitors and holiday-makers from nearby Kuantan, the state capital.

The original museum building

Built in the late 1920s, it was the official residence of the British Resident. During the Japanese Occupation, it became the officer’s quarters for the Japanese military. The British returned when the war ended, and in 1965, it became the official palace of His Majesty Sultan Abu Bakar, a venue for important state ceremonies. In 1976, the building was converted and repurposed into a museum.