Sultan Abdullah Museum Mosque

Royal town of Pekan

The Museum Mosque

The Sultan Abdullah Museum Mosque is a space provided to learn about the past and be used for human development, intellectual values ​​and displaying a true sense of love for Allah SWT. The Museum-Mosque is a platform for the community to gather, exchange ideas, discuss and share media that is open to all, regardless of religion, color, gender, race, culture, nationality. It provides a space to get to know Islam more easily and casually as well as being a center of worship, knowledge, learning, meetings, discussions and a space to celebrate diversity. Exhibits include Islamic kingdoms, the contribution of Islam in shaping human civilization, mosques and human civilization, Islam in the Malay world, especially in Pahang. Also on display are artifacts related to Islam such as the Quran collection, ceramics, dinars, surgical equipment, astrolabes, the “Permatang Pasir Tombstone”, copper bucket, the “Pahang Canon Law”, artistic paintings by Husin Hourmain and the collection of the Pahang Royal Family.


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Perbadanan Muzium Negeri Pahang,
Jalan Sultan Ahmad,
26600 Pekan,
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: 609-4221371
Fax: 609-4221572