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The historical boat gallery displays examples and models of boats that have been used in Pahang. Primitive boats such as bark boats, bamboo rafts and strip boats provide evidence of prehistoric humans, whose vehicles have been in use since 4000 years ago in Pahang. Findings such as the Pontian Boat reinforce that statement. Sungai Pahang has been a communication route in the interior since early times and archaeological evidence shows the existence of prehistoric settlements along Sungai Tembeling, Sungai Jelai and upstream of Sungai Pahang. Pahang Museum’s planning in redeveloping the Gallery in Pulau Beram consists of components namely the Boat Museum, Open Sculpture Gallery, Tengku Azizah School and AL-Sultan Abdullah Royal Park. Therefore, the Pahang Museum is in the process of developing and rebranding this gallery to ensure that relics and information related to water transport in the State of Pahang are not lost.

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King Park, Al-Sultan Abdullah (Pulau Beram),
Jalan Sultan Ahmad,
26600 Pekan,
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: 609-4221371
Fax: 609-4221572