Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)
Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Royal Museum Complex


The Museum

MOCA Pahang acts as an art centre where the people of the community are able to appreciate the artists’ creative process, artworks and ideas; thus allowing them to grasp further understanding of social and political issues in the context of the local cultural art. This museum of contemporary arts shall be the ground of interactions between the community and arts, consequently establishing a community that is more appreciative of arts. Pahang Art Museum, now known as Museum of Contemporary Arts Pahang, stresses the theme of the relationship of art and culture. It has nine exhibition halls which focus on two forms of exhibition which are permanent and temporary exhibits. The permanent exhibition consists of five galleries namely the Taman Bunyi-bunyian (Garden of Sounds), Galeri Ethnografi Melayu (Malay Ethnography Gallery), Galeri Gesek & Petik (Gesek & Petik Gallery), Fakulti Frekuensi (Frequency Faculty) and Galeri Orkes Gambus (Gambus Orchestra Gallery), while the temporary exhibition is themed “Pahang in Nature”.


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Kompleks Muzium Diraja Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah,
Jalan Masjid,
25000 Kuantan,
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: 609-5134891
Fax: 609-5161328

Expansion 2022

Muzium Pahang has acquired the historical building “Mahkmah Syariah” in February 2022. After restoration it will become part of the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Royal Museum Complex.